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Körsbär | The Cherry Tree Framed Canvas

Körsbär | The Cherry Tree Framed Canvas

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Frame Style

Our framed canvas is a 38mm stretched canvas within a traditional picture frame. The simple addition of a wooden picture frame creates a completely new form of wall art, quite distinct to a standard canvas. The thin frame sits approximately 5mm from the edge of the canvas helping create a floating border. Highly recommended for photography and images that make a real statement.

The cherry tree is fragile by nature but at the same time very stubborn. You will find it striding towards the light in hard-to-reach thickets as well as on weather-exposed heights. The bark cracks, breaks, and dies but always grows back. Here I have given it the company of a large bird of prey hiding in the thin trunk. The hole is a large damage to the trunk, but not to worry, the winner, in the long run, will still be the cherry tree.


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