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Reefcat 2

Reefcat 2

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Part of the coral bed but still an alert predator. 

The Reefcat is originally a part of my art project of the Wandering Mind ABC. The concept has since then developed its own theme in my art. 

The inspiration came from one of my own Dexter, a ragdoll cat that always gets things tangled in his long white fur. He has even brought in beetles, snails and even an earthworm at one point. The creature would create his own ecosystem (if allowed) so I wanted to draw just that. Situated onto a cat it would be a very dangerous and unpredictable ecosystem by default. The though is most intriguing. 

Image size: 30x40cm

Technique: original drawing made with graphite on 220 grams art paper with a mild texture. Sold as a loose sheet.


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