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Lady Ore

Lady Ore

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According to Nordic folklore, mines are inhabited by underground beings such as mylings and the Lady of the mine. Depending on where the mine is located and what history it has, these creatures have different origins and mindsets, but they are always best to stay away from. It is always best not to annoy them because if that happens, terrible accidents can hit the mine. Sometimes the Lady of the mine is described as a supernatural being who has always been in the rock, but sometimes she is said to be a ghost of a woman who was murdered in the darkness of the mine. If you agree well with the Lady of the mine, she can show you to treasures or warn you of danger, but if you treat her badly, there is a great risk that you will never see daylight again.

This drawing I made in 2017 for an exhibition when the local mine, Zinkgruvan Mining celebrated 160 years. Although folk beliefs are something that many people laugh at today, everyone who works underground knows very well the stories of the Lady of the mine and the other creatures that are said to live in the depths of the mines. In the pitch darkness, they feel very real. None of the staff in the mining company dared to look at this drawing for long. 

Technique: pencil and crayons on fine art paper 220 grams.

Image size: 30x40cm


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The drawing can be purchased as a loose art sheet that is sent carefully wrapped in a hard paper tube.


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