My name is Lisa Lundberg and I run QiBossa and here I sell art, books and take assignments as an illustrator. Drawing and painting have always been my main interests and in 2016 I made the decision to open my own art business. QiBossa is the username under which I started publishing pictures on the internet and therefore also the given name for my company.

My style consists of a mixture of realism and fantastic elements with motifs that often touch the twisted or unpleasant.

In 2020, the business was also expanded to authorship when I published my first book, Glödens pris.

Born in 1983 and raised outside Askersund but disappeared for education and work to Växjö and Gothenburg for about ten years. Today I live in Åsbro with my husband, children, and a collection of cats.

Member of the Swedish Artists' Association, Norra Vätterns Bild och Formkonstnärer and Helsingborg artists' asociation.