About QiBossa


"Be brave enough to be your unique self."

Lisa Lundberg is an artist working primarily in oil or graphite, creating fantasy women and creatures that manifest in her mind on a regular basis.

 She believes that imagination and dreams form two valuable human abilities, and this dreamlike quality is a major force in everything she creates. Her conviction is that our curiosity and ability to fantasise can keep us sane through the rollercoaster called life.

 My art comes from seeking and exposing the unique inner self I believe we all possess. Each of us has flaws and eccentricities that forms an endless source of humour, creativity, and wonder.  

Let's embrace the full complexity of human nature – without darkness there can be no light. Be curious of differences and find the joy in the peculiar.

There is a realism to her work and Lisa bends her realism to include her quirky sense of humour. When fantasizing, the realism gives Lisa her thirst for detail and it is the expression of details that creates the three dimensional feeling to her art.



Lisa Lundberg was born in 1983 and grew up outside the small village of Askersund, Sweden. Art and stories have always been in her life with parents regularly taking her to theatres, art exhibitions and museums. The favourites were always various characters of Nordic folklore that always felt present for her while growing up in the forest and she spent as much time as possible outside. Seasonal changes with it’s own circle of life intrigued her and autumn was the big favourite, an interest that exploded during her late teens that clashed into the sub gothic culture.

Even though art was a substantial part of her life she never dared to enter an art education but tried to find a “real career” instead. Though through numerous educations and employment as an administrator and project coordinator, the only constant thing that always seemed to resurface was art. She has done a lot of illustrative assignments through employments and as side projects and after a while it became clear that this was by far what she treasured most in her job. In 2012 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had to pay more attention to her wellbeing. In 2016 he started QiBossa as a side income and since then the company has claimed more and more time. In 2021 her health took a turn for the worse and she realised that she had not been paying too much attention to it at all and because of that, in 2022 she started to pursue the dream of being a fulltime artist.

We all need to pay attention to our health and really acknowledge what’s good for us. One thing is very clear though, what works for one person is not necessarily what will work for the other. What works for me is art and I can’t live without it, no matter how hard I try.



City town hall windows, Askersund April 25 -  May 15 2023

Kulturstugan i Karlsborg 9-10 oktober 2021

Konsthallen Hamnmagasinet, Askersund 3-9 augusti 2020

Konsthallen Hamnmagasinet, Askersund 8-13 augusti 2017



Norra Vättern Art & Craft Association's Open Studios 2016 – 2022

Norra Vättern Art & Craft Association's Autumn Salon 2016 – 2022

Juried art exhibition, Askersunds Art Hall 2016



Sculpted a memorial plaque of Jonas Hallenberg on behalf of Hallaryd's village council association. Casted in bronze by Lönnberg's foundry and placed in the center of Hallaryd.



Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Leadership, Växjö University, Sweden

Art education 1, Växjö University, Sweden