Melankoli, förhoppningar och en lukt av jord

Melancholy, hopes and a smell of earth

Autumn is here and all the feelings that belong with it. Personally, I love autumn and can lose myself in the power of nature with its preparations for its yearly rest. Instead, my friend has entered her annual depression where she is drawn down among the decaying leaves and the transience of life. For her, autumn is equated with death, but for me, it is very much alive. It is now that nature will prove its strength in a test where only the well-prepared can make it. Nature is getting ready for future great deeds and it is now that the foundation is being laid. Autumn can be dangerous, but above all, it is a challenge - a reminder to grow strong.

That is what I need to do, that's what's most important now. Months of stomach ulcers, warnings of exhaustion, and lousy sleeping habits have made me realize it's time to change my life. It's awkward and unusual to put yourself first, especially for an introverted people-pleaser like myself, but necessary.

What does that mean concretely? Well, I'm working to become a full-time artist. I'm groping my way into unknown territory but I'm moving forward and I intend to keep going. There are plenty of naysayers but someone has to dare, will you come with me?
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