Inuti skallen - teckningen Intracranial

Inside the skull - the drawing Intracranial

The surface may be important as a first impression, but what lurks on the inside is always more interesting. When I draw, I always think about what could be hiding under the outer facade and perhaps above all what couldn't possibly be there? What could be a really interesting story? As I sit there with the pen, a series of "what ifs" begin to creep into my train of thought.

The skull is a constantly recurring symbol in the imagery of death and transience, but death is also part of a cycle. Someone's death is literally someone else's salvation.

This particular skull is drawn from one that my son found on a walk in the forest. The bone might be dead it was also partially covered in moss with a few creepy crawlies as residents. Life had already reclaimed it.

The question for this drawing is, is this creation dead, alive, or possibly something in between? Maybe it's Schrödinger's octopus?
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