Berättelsen om revkatten

The reefcat story

In 2016 I decided that I wanted to create my own ABC-poster out of original fantasy creatures. The idea of the reefcat was the creature that started the whole art project.

In my home we have a ragdoll cat that can go outside when he pleases. A cat with long fur and limited intellect when it comes to personal hygiene is however not a match made in heaven with the outdoors. He could sometimes appear full of dirt, seeds, ants and even an earthworm at one point - he had become his own biotope. At least until I got him into the bathroom again. The long strains of hair sometimes got tangled beyond repair and I had to cut pieces of. Three summers had to take him to the vent and shave the whole cat leaving him looking utterly ridiculous. 

However, his sad revelation became an inspiration for the idea of a completely unpractical creature and of course (since that's how my brain works) a quite horrifying one. The thought of a cat lurking somewhere in the sea semi attached to the reef just waiting for an unsuspecting prey to pass by just close enough was too intriguing not to draw. Over the years I have created a number of versions of the reefcat, normally pencil drawings but I just finished a big one in oils that I had much fun making. It now has to dry for an eternity which is the tricky part when it comes to painting in oil but I really enjoy working with oils.


The Wandering Mind ABC is now under reconstruction and I hope to be able to relaunch it sometime during spring, the plan is to have it in colours this time.  

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