Images with a tickling discomfort

What if ... ? Med den inledningen tar nästan alla mina tavlor sin början. Att vända och vrida på situationer, motiv och begrepp är starka inspirationskällor för mig. Jag tycker om att leka med och ifrågasätta det självklara som den något uppkäftiga lillasyster som jag är. Livet kan vara svårt, komplext och fantastiskt - allt på samma gång och i det hittar jag min drivkraft. Det finns alltid mörker i mina tavlor, mörker som delar plats med humor. I den kontrasten tar berättelsen sin början och jag vill med mina motiv bjuda in dig till en resa i fantasins värld.

  • Realism with tickling discomfort

    Realism mixed with imagination and eerie elements. Curiosity always makes me develop my motifs into something that cannot be captured with a camera. Often to something threatening or exciting. What if ...
  • Original fantasy creatures

    What would creatures look like if they were in a completely different environment? A cat on the seabed or a hedgehog covered in mushrooms instead of spikes? Step into my imagination of opposites. What if ...
  • Peculiar woman portraits

    I make portraits of women that are placed in an environment of metaphors or old folk beliefs. What do our sayings really mean visually and what would the Lady of the mine actually look like? What if ...
  • Drawing

    I've been drawing my whole life and I'm adapting a more and more realistic approach for each drawing that I make. And then going completely bananas with a fantasy element.

  • Painting

    My favourite technique is dipping my brushes into oils. It takes a long time for the paint to dry (reaching fully dried can take years!) and it gives great opportunities to blend colours together and getting the details just perfect.

  • Writing

    Glödens pris is a fantasy novel that I published in 2020. So far only available in Swedish.

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